Resilient Grid Needs Hydrogen

A well-known energy publication recently posed the question “What does a grid need to be resilient?” That is not only a common concern, it is a rapidly growing issue. The lack of electricity suffered by Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria is a leading example of the increasing force and frequency of phenomena such as cyclonic storms, forest fires, and other disasters around the world that are attributable to climate change. The solution [...]

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Balancing Power

Current efforts to reverse climate change and avoid further environmental consequences are failing. Recent developments are not harnessing renewable resources rapidly enough to achieve the changes that are required to stop global warming. Although the leaders of the “G-7” (the seven developed nations with the largest economies) recently announced that their countries would adopt 100% renewable portfolio standards, five of the seven countries have actually increased their use of fossil fuels in the past [...]

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Flexible Power with Geothermal

The Geothermal Energy Association recently sent a letter to its members enclosing a study by the GEA on “Firm and Flexible Power Services Available from Geothermal Facilities.”  We agree with the main theme of the GEA study, which is that geothermal generation of electricity must be combined with wind and solar power, and provide the balancing energy or other ancillary services that the grid requires when significant amounts of intermittent renewables are used, thereby enabling [...]

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