Happy Earth Day 2020

To those experiencing hardship or have lost someone to COVID-19, our hearts and wishes go out to you. An unexpected byproduct of COVID-19, for all its devastation, is that we can see what a beautiful planet we live on. The skies are bluer, we glimpse people walking their dog. And then, contrast this to the crash we see in oil. Today, on Earth Day, we have choice: do we pursue industries of the future, or [...]

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Producing Hydrogen from Renewable Resources

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently reported that California continues to gain on its goal of curtailing its overall production of greenhouse gases (GHGs). California has already achieved its 2020 target for reducing GHGs with four years to spare, and reduced such gases even further again in the past year. Primarily, California is ahead of schedule for reducing GHG emissions from the generation of electricity, but it is continuing to fall farther behind on [...]

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Happy Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day – Fossil fuels or nuclear power have been used to provide continuous electricity to fulfill our needs. Wind and solar power are newer sources, but they only work when it’s sunny or windy. An additional source is needed to fill in when sun or wind are not available. Natural gas has been used as a fuel, but like coal and oil, it also produces greenhouse gas. Geothermal energy is a renewable source [...]

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Hydrogen Through Electrolysis

Hydrogen Production Through Electrolysis of Water One way to produce hydrogen for transportation fuel is through the technique of electrolysis. In the past, electrolysis has been too inefficient and too expensive to be economically competitive. However, research shows that electrolysis is more efficient when conducted with water existing in a supercritical state. This requires that it is both hotter than 374C and at a pressure above 220 bar (a “bar” is very close to [...]

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Limitless Energy with Renewable Hydrogen

For Geothermal, Renewable Hydrogen is the Key Welcome to our first post in a ground-breaking series about pure, clean, renewable hydrogen. It may seem unusual to mention hydrogen when we are really talking about geothermal energy, but hydrogen will become an important part in the fight against greenhouse gases. Imperative, perhaps. If we are going to keep our campaign on track, it’s necessary to realize that clean hydrogen is a key player in the [...]

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