Transition to Supercritical Geothermal Resources

Geothermal resources were first used to generate electricity in Larderello, Italy in 1911. Continuing exploration has led to the discovery and development of additional geothermal resources, although, many of these geothermal areas lack the high quality required to be cost competitive. Much of the research and development focuses on developing generators that can operate economically with lower quality resources. The geothermal resources currently in use are mostly lacking in both the quantity and quality [...]

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California’s Renewable Portfolio Will Reach 100%

By adopting Senate Bill 100, California’s state government raised its goal for the Renewable Portfolio Standard to 100% in 2045. California has one of the highest goals in the United States. The recent increase was immediately met with some skepticism, and even scoffing, from critics despite not taking effect for over 25 years. Increasing wind and solar power could have negative effects on the environment so projects necessary to reach this goal may not [...]

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Hydrogen Without the Carbon – Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy to Balance the Grid Our previous post discussed the need for a constant, reliable, and renewable energy source. This transformative source will help balance the intermittent renewable energy of wind and solar, that increasingly dominates the production of current electricity needs. In contrast to inconsistent renewable energy sources, geothermal energy provides baseload generation of electricity, capable of supplying dependable power to meet demand. Geothermal holds an estimated availability factor of 92%, which [...]

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Mining and Generation

It is anticipated that the ocean geothermal system will be able to collect significant metals and minerals because seafloor hydrothermal fluids are particularly rich in metals and minerals, which vary depending on the location and circumstances of the resources (Tivey, 2007; Koski), and the supercritical temperature of the ocean geothermal brine renders it particularly effective at leaching such metals and minerals out of the rock.  The proposed ocean geothermal system will remove metals and [...]

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Super Critical Water Professor Wilfred Elders explains super critical water and why it can make the power of a geothermal well 10x stronger. There are many favorable conditions for generating power in deep water on the mid ocean ridges. Most important is achieving super critical water. That is when the combination of high pressure (220 bars) and high heat (375c) make a fluid that is highly efficient at transferring heat to a turbine. Go to 5:20 [...]

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Fuel Cells are a Good Idea Jim Shnell responded: We agree about the need for “MASSIVE amounts of electrolytic hydrogen.” It is not only possible, it is the almost unavoidable result of using geothermal energy from the rift zones in the ocean floors. The rift zones create supercritical, and therefore highly efficient, resources, and can generate electricity cheaper than fossil fuels. The same supercritical properties enable more efficient electrolysers, compounding the efficiency of the supercritical generators to which they [...]

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