Cost comparisons show that OGEF’s system can be a game changer, because geothermal plants today already produce the lowest cost electricity. The problem has been to find enough of the energy source in the regions where it is most needed. OGEF solves this major problem by developing a system that can be installed world wide. Much of the exploratory work has already been done.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration, EIA, recently published levelized cost comparisons of various electric generation technologies.

This publication projects the growth of geothermal power plant additions at 1.2 gigawatts by 2020, compared to wind at 16.9 gigawatts. If OGEF’s system were included in this projection it should exceed all the other energy sources because of the abundant energy in the mid ocean ridges. Unfortunately, the EIA projections also show that “advanced combined cycle” electricity generation with the strongest long term growth. Unfortunate because this type of system utilizes GHG fuels, as well as in some cases nuclear fuels. The world’s demand for electricity is growing quickly. OGEF’s system can meet that need because the energy source is already distributed naturally through out the earth and because it is GHG, Green House Gas, free.

OGEF needs your support to expedite the development of our clean energy system.

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