Happy Earth Day –

Fossil fuels or nuclear power have been used to provide continuous electricity to fulfill our needs. Wind and solar power are newer sources, but they only work when it’s sunny or windy. An additional source is needed to fill in when sun or wind are not available. Natural gas has been used as a fuel, but like coal and oil, it also produces greenhouse gas.

Geothermal energy is a renewable source that can provide continuous electrical power. However, currently used geothermal resources are not adequate to be used even on a fill in basis, much less to replace coal and nuclear power. To further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy will also be needed to replace fossil fuels used for transportation.

Hydrogen can be used to power transportation, but over 90% of hydrogen is currently made from fossil fuels that create greenhouse gas. This problem can be avoided by using electricity generated from renewable resources to produce hydrogen using a technique called electrolysis. However, current electrolysis methods are too inefficient to compete with hydrogen produced from fossil fuels.

This proposal employs a new, more efficient form of electrolysis, which uses a special membrane that allows the hydrogen atoms to pass through and be collected separately at very high temperatures and pressures. In technical terms, this is known as proton exchange electrolysis using a ceramic proton conducting membrane (CPCM) that withstands supercritical temperatures and pressures.
Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation has recently applied to the Department of Energy for two grants of funds to support research into this proposal to create hydrogen, and we are planning to submit an application for a third grant. Each such grant will, if awarded, require that a part of the funding for such research must come from a source other than the Department of Energy. Please help to make this research possible with your charitable contributions and by sharing the message with others.

Jim Shnell