Sorry Elon Musk, we think Toyota, BMW, and Honda to name a few major manufactures, are right. Hydrogen is not Bull S*&#!

Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation has a system for creating hydrogen that is efficient. The key is to achieve super critical water in deep water (+-2000 meters) and use geothermal heat from the ocean floor. Find out what we are doing at We have a way of getting the world off carbon fuels. Climate change is not going to be solved with batteries. Their carbon footprint is too large and they cannot always be charged by renewables, necessitating the continued use of carbon fuels. Hydrogen as a fuel is said to be inefficient because of the amount of energy required to make it. Our system can make hydrogen with the excess geothermal heat when it is not needed for generating electricity.  We need your support to implement our system.
Interesting hydrogen catalyst development

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