OGEF Interview

Featuring Professor Wilfred Elders
and Jim Shnell

Video highlights of the interview in 4 segments.

Media summary:

Jim Shnell interviews Professor Wilfred Elders. Why have solar and wind power grown faster in California than geothermal power? Why is Iceland a good place for geothermal? Please tell us about the Iceland Deep Drilling Project, IDDP. Why is ocean geothermal the solution to climate change? How much energy is in the ocean ridges? How do you see the development of geothermal power progressing in the future? Can geothermal energy generation be combined with mining operations? Why is hydrogen production with electrolysis using power from geothermal wells deep underwater more efficient? What is super critical water?

Here’s a link to the IDDP paper written on the well that Professor Elders mentioned:


Part 1
Full audio version of the interview with Professor Wilfred Elders and Jim Shnell

Part 2
Interview with Professor Wilfred Elders and Jim Shnell

Interview with Professor John Orcutt and Jim Shnell

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