How do you take advantage of Huge Opportunity, when you have Wary Investors,


No one can answer this question better than those involved in the Renewable Energy Dilemma.

Even if you are not interested in Renewable Energy, this is a must attend event. Not only are there lessons to be learned in regard to attracting investors, working with policy makers, and navigating the pitfalls of a capital intensive business, but given California’s stance on renewable energy, how is that likely to change California’s economy and where are the business opportunities?

Join us on June 18th as leaders in California’s Renewable Energy Business talk about the business realities, challenges, and opportunities in this very visible space.


The Global Climate Summit of 2014 pledged to continue to narrow the gap between targeted and actual emission cuts for participating countries, with electricity generation the major contributor to the problem. Global companies are striving to be ‘green’. Major European powers like Germany have shifted their electricity mix toward renewables. A new generation of millennials ‘love’ reducing carbon emissions’. US states have put in place aggressive renewable targets to be enacted by 2020. Close to home, California has legislated 33% of California’s energy is to be supplied by Renewable Sources.

How are we going to get all this done? There’s been a lot of speculation in this area: investors taking bets, companies racing for solutions, politicians making deals— and the buying and selling energy from renewable sources.

In 2013, Global Investment in renewable energy stood at $254 billion. That was down by 11% from 2012. In 2014, the downward trend continued and yet leaders who met at the United Nations in 2014 estimate the Global Need to be closer to $1 trillion.

With populations continuing to grow, energy consumption at all-time highs, and investment in renewable in a downward spin what is the reality in the numbers?

Our panel of experts in Renewable Energy will discuss the difficulties of raising start up resources, of running a renewable energy business, and what opportunities open up as a result of the Renewable Energy initiatives..

In Partnership:

This event is being offered by a partnership of the HBSAOC and the MIT Alumni Club of Southern California. In addition to this event there will be an additional Luncheon event on June 24th where the HBSAOC and the MIT Club of Southern California will explore the technological challenges and realities of Geothermal Energy.

Thursday, June 18, 2015
7:00 AM Arrival and Breakfast
7:45 AM Program
9:00 AM Conclusion
The University Club (UCI Campus)
801 East Peltason
Irvine, CA 92697
$20 – Member Pre-Registered Online
$30 – Non-Member Pre-Registered Online
$40 – At the Door (Subject to Availability)
Free – Crimson Circle Members
Free – HLS Season Pass Holders

This event is presented by the Harvard Business School Association of Orange County

Please visit the site to register


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