To those experiencing hardship or have lost someone to COVID-19, our hearts and wishes go out to you. An unexpected byproduct of COVID-19, for all its devastation, is that we can see what a beautiful planet we live on. The skies are bluer, we glimpse people walking their dog. And then, contrast this to the crash we see in oil. Today, on Earth Day, we have choice: do we pursue industries of the future, or bail out business risk of the past?

Hydrogen is one of those energies of the future, clean, pure, its only emission being water. With investments by the large automobile manufacturers, you see increasing numbers of hydrogen-powered vehicles on the roads.

Our role is to provide the knowledge and expertise to help companies that will need a supply of renewable hydrogen using low-cost supercritical geothermal cogeneration. Currently at “40% renewable,” our goal is to bring this to 100% renewable. Our scientists are making progress on research and development into supercritical resources to support the goal of 100% renewable hydrogen and make it plentiful and affordable to all drivers.

And you can help. We need to raise financial support for that research and development from contributions by the public as well as from companies that will need the technology we are developing for the continued growth of their hydrogen business. In the long run, the benefit of our research and development will not be limited to transportation uses; it will serve the production of clean hydrogen around the world. Please support the development of pure, renewable hydrogen.

Jim Shnell