Jim Shnell responded:
We agree about the need for “MASSIVE amounts of electrolytic hydrogen.” It is not only possible, it is the almost unavoidable result of using geothermal energy from the rift zones in the ocean floors. The rift zones create supercritical, and therefore highly efficient, resources, and can generate electricity cheaper than fossil fuels. The same supercritical properties enable more efficient electrolysers, compounding the efficiency of the supercritical generators to which they are linked. The primary use for the generators will be to provide (by HVDC lines) the electricity needed to balance the grid when wind and solar power are offline. Most of the electricity will probably be used, however, to create hydrogen, with off-peak power that is not needed by the grid. The rift zones are where magma rises from the mantle to form new crust, they stretch around the world for 65,000 kilometers, and they provide enough energy to produce five times as much electricity as the world currently uses.