Addressing Economic Risks of Geothermal Drilling

Addressing economic risks of geothermal drilling Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation will use existing science and technology to minimize risk. The risk of conducting expensive drilling without assurance that a viable resource exists in the area being drilled can be reduced by using experiments currently used world wide. The INL (Idaho National Laboratory) developed FALCON (the Fracturing And Liquid CONvection) simulation method which quickly gives a subsurface model of the area. FALCON A more recent [...]

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Renewable Energy Talk

How do you take advantage of Huge Opportunity, when you have Wary Investors, EVENT SUMMARY No one can answer this question better than those involved in the Renewable Energy Dilemma. Even if you are not interested in Renewable Energy, this is a must attend event. Not only are there lessons to be learned in regard to attracting investors, working with policy makers, and navigating the pitfalls of a capital intensive business, but given California’s [...]

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Cost Comparisons Show OGEF’s System – Game Changer

Cost comparisons show that OGEF's system can be a game changer, because geothermal plants today already produce the lowest cost electricity. The problem has been to find enough of the energy source in the regions where it is most needed. OGEF solves this major problem by developing a system that can be installed world wide. Much of the exploratory work has already been done. The U.S. Energy Information Administration, EIA, recently published levelized cost [...]

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Put a Price on Carbon

The new framework to put a price on carbon should include funding for research and development of green energy sources. OGEF's system utilizes technologies developed by off shore oil drilling. We want to re-purpose it for drilling for geothermal resources. Hopefully, the new carbon pricing frameworks will encourage oil companies to find ways to profit on new technologies like the OGEF proposes. Six oil companies would like a seat at the table to discuss how [...]

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Convert Coal Power Plants to Hydrogen

I enjoyed reading the article in GreenTech Media. It is encouraging to see what Duke Energy is doing in Ohio. I hope the battery system they are installing is successful. OGEF would like to suggest an alternative to battery storage. Convert coal power plants to hydrogen. Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation has a system for creating hydrogen that is efficient. The key is to achieve super critical water deep on the ocean floor (+-2500 meters) [...]

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California Drought Could Cause Electricity Shortage

OGEF responded to an article Desalination plants are being built or planned in several parts of California. Can they produce enough water to quench the people's thirst as well as make steam for power plants? The Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation is developing a system that can create hydrogen economically by using the geothermal heat on the mid ocean ridges in deep water. The hydrogen could then be used to power cars. It is [...]

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Hawaii Votes to Go 100 Percent Renewable

Exciting news because the public drives policy change. The Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation is developing the technology to harness the energy released on mid ocean ridges to generate electricity. This vast untapped resource has the potential to replace coal and other carbon fuels with economical green energy. Estimated price of $.06/kWh. If Hawaii is going to give up their reliance on coal and diesel for generating electricity, they will need new alternative sources beyond wind [...]

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OOI – Ocean Observatories Initiative "The OOI provides scientists, for the first time, an infrastructure to conduct interactive experiments in some of the ocean's most extreme environments," said principal investigator John Orcutt, a professor of geophysics at UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography, "This interactive capability will be enabled by the OOI cyberinfrastructure, which links and binds the physical infrastructure into a state-of-the-art scientific network that can be accessed in near-real-time (within seconds of data collection) by [...]

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Billionaires Like Buffet Need Economic Incentive

The best way to get them to commit to clean energy is to show them that it is in their economic interest. The Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation has a system for generating electricity from mid ocean ridges where volcanic heat is constantly being released. There is enough energy to replace coal and natural gas in this undeveloped resource. Our system also may solve the problem of the acidification of the oceans. Let's get the [...]

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Hydrogen Superior to Batteries

Sorry Elon Musk, we think Toyota, BMW, and Honda to name a few major manufactures, are right. Hydrogen is not Bull S*&#! Ocean Geothermal Energy Foundation has a system for creating hydrogen that is efficient. The key is to achieve super critical water in deep water (+-2000 meters) and use geothermal heat from the ocean floor. Find out what we are doing at We have a way of getting the world off [...]

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